27 December 2012

Youtube Interview with Carlyn Beccia regarding Corel Painter 12

Another video that I just love. I am mainly embedding this here, so when I rewatch it (and I KNOW I will) I can find it easily. But seriously, this is a great tutorial for Corel Painter and patterns. I recently acquired Painter and love it. I am a long time Photoshop gal, so I will inevitably continue to use PS in all of my digital work. However, the intuitiveness for painting in Painter, go figure, is incredible. Here goes:

22 December 2012

Iain McCaig COFA Interview Youtube

This video is so, so inspiring. One of the things I noted was how he internalizes characters in order to accurately portray them visually. This is EXACTLY what many people say they do to successfully act or write believable characters. I think it makes sense that the same could be said for illustrators, but I had never thought of it that way! He says many other useful tips, too. Watch and see! It's a bit long but worth it.

18 December 2012

Illustration Friday - Snow

This sketch will most likely turn into a painting. I had been noodling the idea of a boy and polar bear, and the idea fit well with this weeks IF topic of Snow!

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I think I will need to do something different to better show off the snow, but I don't allow myself much time for sketching-to-post for Illustration Friday. I thought it was a pretty decent start! What do you think?

12 December 2012

Will Terry Storybook App Review

I did not complete the Illustration Friday for "stretch," because I was stretching my skills instead! I was watching this video tutorial series by Will Terry at FolioAcademy.com. 

I think that this is video series was exactly what he described it to be. I love Will Terry's teaching style and voice over. He chats about the "whys" while he is showing the "hows." I will be hopefully taking more courses in the near future. And guess what -- FolioAcademy has a Buy One Get One free this December! Go check out what they offer for yourself! 

Illustration Friday - Explore

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I spruced up a painting that I did a while back in acrylic to include an adorable explorer! Fun times. :)