27 November 2012

Illustration Friday - Whiskers

My take on the rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat and the Fiddle...":

Whiskers by Drawings and Illustrations
(c) 2012 Kate at drawingsandillustrations.blogspot.com
Feel free to let me know what you think!! I personally kinda love her. She has attitude like the red tabby I used to have. I suppose she's playing an Ode to Daisy.

(Can you see how far I've progressed in only a few weeks? I'm so proud.) xoxo

26 November 2012

A Word on My Style

I mentioned earlier that I am trying to figure out my style of art, so I asked hubby how he would describe it:

- "aged" or "vintage"
- "earthy tones" or "warm colors"
- "actually warm would describe it in many ways" (I believe he was referring to the friendly, happy, inspirational look that my art seems to offer...)

Do I agree? Well, honestly, yes, more or less:

1.    I would say that I tend towards texture over flat colors, even though I love when artists use flat color well.
2.    I also do have a earthly color palette, even though I try very hard to make it bright for the children's publishing world.
3.    I can't help but sigh at this last one though, I love really dark (and what I consider) deep emotional pieces of art. But my art does have a cheerful ring to it no matter how hard I try to do something else.

4.    I feel I need to add that I revel in the imperfect. I like perfect, but it never sits right with me until I make it un-perfect. :)

But I don't feel like that is enough to brand me, which is what I am hoping to figure out mostly. Something that I can confidently describe to a publisher, so they know what to expect of my work.

"Whimsical, cheerful art with earthy tones and textures... I create digital art with a traditional art sense." Is that enough?

24 November 2012

Some Blogs I Heart!

I may organize these a touch better at a later date (or change to blogroll later)... but for now, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to some blogs that I adore. So in no order that you care about, here goes:
  • http://dribbble.com/jeremyholmes?page=5
  • http://ajawells.com/
  • http://licoricegirl.blogspot.com/
  • http://burrisdraw.blogspot.com/
  • http://phyllispollemacahill.blogspot.com/
  • http://kristivaliant.blogspot.com/
  • http://sharonvargo.blogspot.com/
  • http://kellylight.com/prettygoodforagirl
  • http://characterdesignnotes.blogspot.com/
  • http://characterdesign.blogspot.com/
  • http://livlily.blogspot.com/
  • http://www.willterry.blogspot.com/
  • http://lynnechapman.blogspot.com/

Who are some of your favorite artist reads?

23 November 2012

Some of My Favorite Books

I love to read, I mean LOVE it. I am that person who goes to the library more regularly than the grocery store. I buy lots of books too, but I usually don't buy them until I've read them to know that I would want to read it more than once. Limited space and money (sigh). Below are some of my current favorites that I hope will be making a home with me soon:

- "Drawn to Life" 1 & 2, Walt Stanchfield lectures.
- "Character Mentor", Tom Bancroft
- "Framed Ink", Marcus Mateu-Mestre
- any "The Art of" fill in animation feature film title here... especially the "Art of How to Train your Dragon" (love that movie)

What books are you reading and loving right now?

22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

(c) 2012 drawingsandillustrations.blogspot.com

Happy To-Furkey Day! Remember to think on your blessings! xoxo

19 November 2012

Meet Kate

So now that I have a few posts under my belt, I feel like its high time that I introduced myself a little. My name is Kate. I am a Daughter, a wife, a mom, and an artist, among other things like personal chef, maid, CEO, marketing director, print specialist, graphic designer, etc... BUT for this blog, all you are concerned about is that I am a digital illustrator. A digital illustrator on the hunt for her style through drawings and illustrations and more drawings and illustrations.

I believe that your style is just something that shines through when you aren't trying, so really it isn't something I can hunt. But I can try to solidify it by drawing a ton. Here is the journal of my progress to the point where I can say define my style in words. I aim to draw for the young or the young at heart, but I am not going to put myself into a box yet either. So I draw what I draw, and I'll see where it goes from there.

This means that at this time, my art is not very cohesive. I'm purposely giving myself the freedom to play, to experiment and to just have fun with drawing. I'd don't expect this to last forever, because I do want to market myself and for that, you need a style. (Or so I'm told). But the plus to this means that, because I have tried many styles, I can create art in many styles. So if you'd like to commission me to do something for you in a particular style, just leave me a comment and we can try to work it out! I pride myself in only having satisfied customers.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of my work. :) xoxo