26 November 2012

A Word on My Style

I mentioned earlier that I am trying to figure out my style of art, so I asked hubby how he would describe it:

- "aged" or "vintage"
- "earthy tones" or "warm colors"
- "actually warm would describe it in many ways" (I believe he was referring to the friendly, happy, inspirational look that my art seems to offer...)

Do I agree? Well, honestly, yes, more or less:

1.    I would say that I tend towards texture over flat colors, even though I love when artists use flat color well.
2.    I also do have a earthly color palette, even though I try very hard to make it bright for the children's publishing world.
3.    I can't help but sigh at this last one though, I love really dark (and what I consider) deep emotional pieces of art. But my art does have a cheerful ring to it no matter how hard I try to do something else.

4.    I feel I need to add that I revel in the imperfect. I like perfect, but it never sits right with me until I make it un-perfect. :)

But I don't feel like that is enough to brand me, which is what I am hoping to figure out mostly. Something that I can confidently describe to a publisher, so they know what to expect of my work.

"Whimsical, cheerful art with earthy tones and textures... I create digital art with a traditional art sense." Is that enough?

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